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Filing a complaint

Complaints filing prodecure

Tilt is a Zoona brand that is dedicated to conducting itself in a transparent and accountable way that builds trust with our customers by being responsive to your needs and concerns.  Any person or organisation who is dissatisfied with our product/s and/or services, for any reason, may contact Tilt or Zoona to file an oral or written complaint. Our commitment to your satisfaction ensures that all customers receive the highest standard of service when resolving complaints.


Complaints are received and investigated by our Customer Service Centre. You can file your complaint in one of the following ways:

Orally - customers may also file a complaint orally by calling our Customer Service Call Centre on 321 during the hours listed below:

  • Weekdays: 08:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs

  • Weekends & Public Holidays: 08:00 hrs - 14:00 hrs

Email - you can send a written complaint addressed to the Customer Service Manager at

In Person / Letter - you can send a letter to our address, or can visit our office located at:

Zoona Transactions Zambia
Office Block 1
10937 Mwatusanga Road, Woodlands
Lusaka, Zambia


WhatsApp Message - customers can also send a message to the Customer Care team via WhatsApp regarding any issue.


When making a complaint, the following information will need to be provided:

  1. The full name and telephone number of the customer;

  2. A description of the incident/problem or cause for dissatisfaction; 

  3. The date of such incident/problem or cause for dissatisfaction;

  4. The name of the person at Zoona, or any of its vendors, with whom you dealt with (if known); 

  5. Any other information that may be useful in investigating or resolving the complaint;

  6. How the customer believes that the problem can be resolved; and

  7. The date and estimated time of the last contact between the customer and Zoona

Once a complaint has been received, we will undertake an initial review of the complaint. We strive to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible, however, where we anticipate that our investigation will take longer than initially expected,  we will contact you to inform you of:

  1. The reason the complaint has not yet been resolved; 

  2. Who is dealing with the customer complaint; and

  3. When we will contact the customer about the complaint again


Once Zoona has completed investigating a complaint, the complainant will be provided with a response detailing Zoona’s findings on the matter. In the event a complainant remains dissatisfied with the findings, the complainant has the right to ask for reconsideration of such a finding by escalating the case to the Customer Service Manager. 


Zoona will always strive to resolve the complaint amicably with a customer ensuring that the outcome is in the customer’s best interests. In instances where the complainant remains dissatisfied after all reasonable attempts have been made to resolve their grievance, the complainant has the right to escalate their case to an appropriate body or agency to mediate the resolution, depending on the nature of the complaint.


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