Zoona co-founders head to Mauritius!

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Zoona co-founders, Brett and Brad Magrath, are currently in Mauritius attending the African leadership network annual gathering!

20161103_083634The annual leadership retreat seeks to unite the people who will take Africa forward, through leadership. With focus on “The art of leadership”, the core objectives here are to bring together leaders of values-based and purpose driven organisations and create an inspiring space for them to have insightful conversations around tapping into the enormous potential present in Africa.

Specific focus will be given to the art of leading as either an African Elder or and African Millenial. This will map out challenges, tips and tools unique to the continent and spark relevant conversations between attendees.

On 2 November 2016, the proceedings kicked off with Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Minister of Finance for Nigeria, helping to facilitate a tour of the ALU headquarters in Mauritius. Dr Ngozi is adamant that the rising of Africa is not a fluke. The time is now, and we need to, at some point, come together and be the change we want to see.

On 3 November 2016, Brett and Brad will attend The Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE) , for which Zoona is a nominee! The awards will be hosted by the African Leadership Network in Mauritius this year.

The awards dubbed “the Oscars of Entrepreneurship in Africa”, is a prestigious awards program which identifies leading business leaders in Africa, and recognises the ones who demonstrate innovation, profitability and business excellence.

The AAE also recognises social impact and celebrates leaders who are seen as role models who can inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Africa.

Categories include:

  • The Lifetime achievement award
  • The Transformational Business Award
  • The Outstanding Mature Business Award
  • The Outstanding Growing Business Award
  • The Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award

There will also be discussions on managing a maturing organization. We are confident that, as Zoona transitions from Start-up to Scale-up, these insights will be extremely valuable.


Perhaps the most interesting activity planned for our leaders, will be Leader Jazz with Kirk Whalum, where all participants will be experiencing what Jazz improvisation teaches us about innovation, collaboration and leadership!

We are quite confident that Brad and Brett have their Jazz hands dusted off and ready to go!


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