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Mike Quinn

CEO at Zoona
CEO of Zoona, Africa's most exciting mobile payments start-up!

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At Zoona, we use technology to provide financial services to people when they need them most, so that communities can thrive.

Africa stands on the brink of a financial inclusion revolution, and as a leading African fintech company, we’ll be at the forefront of this period of incredible change.

We’re looking for an exceptional and best-in-class technology guru to scale our engineering team in pursuit of our goal of building a billion dollar business that helps communities thrive.

We’re looking for an experienced Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering who will help shape the next leg Zoona’s success story, as we scale our platform to 10 markets in Africa by 2020.

If you think this could be you, or someone you know, please have a look at the job spec below:

Job Spec: CTO and Head of Engineering

You’ll also want to have a look at our Zoona on a Page – 2016 summary, to really understand what makes us tick, and what will make for a good fit with our company, values and culture.

If you like what you see, and would like to chat further, drop us an email.