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Entrepreneurship Advice from the King of Kabwe

At Zoona, we use mobile technology to provide financial services to people when they need them most – so that communities can thrive. We do this by partnering with and investing in emerging entrepreneurs.

There is an incredible amount of untapped entrepreneurial potential in Africa, and at Zoona, we’re privileged to help unleash its impact.

We have had several success stories so far (WATCH: Misozi and the Girl Effect) – and it keeps us motivated to see the ongoing change that technology can help unleash.

A few weeks ago, we had one such success story visit us at the Zoona offices in Cape Town. Paul Katumbi (the “King of Kabwe”) is one of Zoona’s most successful Agents in Zambia.

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How Zoona is Gearing Up for Growth!

You may have noticed that Zoona passed a pretty big milestone lately (READ: It’s Official – We’ve Processed $1 Billion In Transactions). The fact is, this is only the beginning.

We’re gearing up for a period of fast scaling and growth. As a company, we work towards a set of Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) – which outline what we want to achieve by 2020.

One of these WIGs is to be in ten African markets by 2020.

In order to prepare for this expansion, we’re expanding our Executive Team, and going on a recruitment drive!

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Why Zoona Supports Women Entrepreneurs

March 8 was International Women’s Day.┬áTo mark the occasion, we chat to Lelemba Phiri, Managing Director of Zoona in Zambia and Malawi – and get her thoughts on women entrepreneurship in Africa, it’s impact and its future.

As soon as we get started, Lelemba says that Women hold the key to drive economic growth in Zambia and other places in Africa.

She says there is incredible potential in the entrepreneurship of women.

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