At Zoona, we handle quite a bit of data. Last year we processed 5.2 million transactions, and this year we are already at 4.9 million. ¬†Every 60 days, 1 million people in Zambia and¬†Malawi make use of our platform to send and receive money – and close to 30% of Zambia’s adult population has used Zoona at some stage.

More than 1,500 Zoona outlets are active in the field, and of these over 1,000 transact every day.

Turning this data into knowledge and understanding is something that we are very passionate about – particularly since we deal with a sector of the market that is very poorly understood.

Over the past 18 months, we have embarked on a journey to use data to inform tactical and strategic decisions on a regular basis. It has also helped us become more customer-centric, and better placed to understand our market. Whilst we are still very early in this journey, we have already learned a few valuable lessons along the way – and identified a number of Golden Rules.

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