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10 Reasons to Join Zoona

Africa’s fintech revolution is calling!  Technology is unleashing a wave of change across the continent and improving people’s lives!

Zoona is scaling up – this is your chance to join Africa’s fintech success story and makes a difference! Read on, and if you like what you see, get in touch!

Zoona exists to help communities thrive! We believe technology can bring about financial inclusion in Africa, and we’re at the cutting edge of making this happen!

Across our continent, poverty and high unemployment mean many people rely on extended families and communities for financial support. However, limited access to traditional financial services means many people are financially excluded – and there are few ways to safely move money around.

At Zoona, we use technology to develop financial solutions that help communities thrive.

Here are 10 reasons to join Zoona – and help change the world!

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Podcast: Building a Fintech Startup in Africa

BradMagrath.jpgZoona co-founder and Chief People Officer Brad Magrath was recently interviewed on The Global Startup Movement podcast.

In his chat with Andrew Berkowitz, Brad shares insights from Zoona’s origins, the challenges of running a fintech startup in Africa, and Zoona’s growth that has seen it close a $4 million Series A round, and process over $1 billion in mobile money transactions.

You don’t want to miss this!

It’s Official! Zoona Has Processed More Than $1 Billion in Transactions!

We have some amazing news to share!

Zoona has crossed a big milestone in the history of our business and for mobile money and financial inclusion in Africa!

Our Agents, across Zambia and Malawi, have processed over $1 billion in money transfers, bill payments, and other financial services!

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Working with CGAP to Segment our Consumers

Zoona was born in 2009 with a simple vision – to help people send and receive money when they need to most so that communities can thrive. This was to be achieved by empowering and supporting emerging entrepreneurs across Africa, by tapping into their potential and providing them with a fintech platform to process money transfers.

Today, Zoona operates in two African markets (Zambia and Malawi) – and is about to enter another two. Every 60 days, one million unique consumers make use of our services.

We have partnered with CGAP to help us better understand and segment our customers. CGAP is an independent policy and research center dedicated to advancing financial access for people in developing countries and emerging economies. CGAP works to advance customer centricity, a way of designing products and services that begins with understanding the customer.

Megan, our Head of Customer Centricity, describes some of the work Zoona has been doing with CGAP.

Zoona Mentioned as a Top African Startup at Startup Grind

At Zoona, we’re big supporters of African entrepreneurship and innovation.

For example, we help fund and actively take part in the Zambia Chapter of the Startup Grind. Startup Grind is a Google Initiative aimed at fostering and encouraging worldwide tech entrepreneurship.

The Zambia Chapter of the Startup Grind is headed by Sandras Phiri, co-founder and CEO of the education group Africa Trust Academy. Sandras and the Africa Trust Academy are also Zoona partners in our Mini MBA programme – a leadership development initiative for Zoona employees.

Sandras was recently awarded the “Most Inspiring” and “Ultimate Grinder” Awards by Startup Grind Global, in San Francisco.

He delivered the following talk on Entrepreneurship and Startups in Africa when he collected his awards, and in it he mentions Zoona as one of the top startups in the continent! It’s well worth watching!

Thanks for the mention Sandras, and congratulations from everyone here at Zoona!

FSD Zambia publishes Case Study on Zoona

FSD Zambia is a development organisation that seeks to expand and deepen the financial market throughout Zambia. They have recently worked with Zoona on a Case Study on Digital Financial Services in Zambia.

The report looks at Zoona’s origins, the services we offer, and the future of the mobile money and digital financial services space in Zambia – our first market.

It’s a great read and we strongly recommend it!


A look at third party provider, Zoona’s, contribution to the Zambian mobile financial services. How it started, how it’s grown and where it’s headed. Read the full paper here.

Enabling Financial Inclusion in Africa

At Zoona, we help people send and receive money when they need to most, so that communities can thrive! We enable entrepreneurs to serve their communities by providing money transfer services which, in markets where other alternatives are limited, are often the only safe and reliable way to send money home for food, education and healthcare.

In a very meaningful way, we contribute to financial inclusion in Africa.

Finetech industry website Let’s Talk Payments has put together a list of 22 Companies that are enabling financial inclusion in Africa – and we’re thrilled to be one of the companies mentioned!

22 FinTech Companies in Africa Enabling Financial Inclusion on the Continent

Zoona is listed as one of 22 FinTech Companies in Africa enabling financial inclusion on the Continent

Why Zoona Supports Women Entrepreneurs

March 8 was International Women’s Day. To mark the occasion, we chat to Lelemba Phiri, Managing Director of Zoona in Zambia and Malawi – and get her thoughts on women entrepreneurship in Africa, it’s impact and its future.

As soon as we get started, Lelemba says that Women hold the key to drive economic growth in Zambia and other places in Africa.

She says there is incredible potential in the entrepreneurship of women.

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