How Zoona is Gearing Up for Growth!

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You may have noticed that Zoona passed a pretty big milestone lately (READ: It’s Official – We’ve Processed $1 Billion In Transactions). The fact is, this is only the beginning.

We’re gearing up for a period of fast scaling and growth. As a company, we work towards a set of Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) – which outline what we want to achieve by 2020.

One of these WIGs is to be in ten African markets by 2020.

In order to prepare for this expansion, we’re expanding our Executive Team, and going on a recruitment drive!

Andrew Milne - Zoona COO

Andrew Milne – Zoona COO

We’re thrilled to announce that Andrew Milne, co-founder and former CEO of medical startup Hello Doctor – joins us as our new Chief Operating Officer.

We’re also thrilled to reveal  Lelemba Phiri, formerly our Managing Director in Zambia and Malawi, as our new Chief Communications Officer.

Lelemba Phiri - Zoona CCO

Lelemba Phiri – Zoona CCO

As CEO of Hello Doctor, Andy oversaw the expansion of the company into 5 new markets across Africa and Asia. Before that, Andy was a part of the Virgin Group of Companies – where he spearheaded the launch of Virgin Pulse (then known as Virgin Healthmiles) in the US Market. This experience will definitely come in handy as Zoona takes aim at a number of new markets in the coming months and years, including Mozambique, DRC, Ghana and others.

Andy had the following to say:

“Technology has incredible potential to bring financial inclusion in Africa. Zoona’s model of investing in and working with emerging entrepreneurs has proven results and impact in Zambia and Malawi – and is now ready to be tested in other places in the continent”

As Managing Director of Zoona in Zambia, Lelemba was at the helm during a period of unprecedented growth for the company that saw it achieve 80% year on year growth, reach 1,500 locations in Zambia and Malawi and active consumer base of 1.5 million people. During the time, Lelemba was also named one of Africa’s most influential women in the Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards run by CEO Magazine.

Speaking on her new role, Lelemba said:

“I have seen first-hand the impact that Zoona has brought, particularly in terms of growing female entrepreneurship and in powering the Girl Effect in Zambia and Malawi. We are looking forward to growing this impact in more countries over the next few years and partnering with key government and other institutions to make this happen.”

She added that the continued support from our investors Omidyar Network and Accion, as well as frequent partners CGAP, Unreasonable Group and IFC would be key in the coming cycle.

Mike, our CEO, welcomed the to new members of our Exco team:

“Zoona’s model of investing in and growing young women and men as franchise agents has been proven to help communities thrive. We’re excited to start replicating it in other markets, and we’re thrilled to add Andry and Lelemba to our executive team to drive this forward.”

A world of opportunities awaits at Zoona

A world of opportunities awaits at Zoona

We’re recruiting!

As we prepare to scale, our recruitment does not stop at growing our Exco team! Dozens of new positions will become available at Zoona, as we gear towards growth! So please stay tuned to our Careers Page and LinkedIn Profile!

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