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Zoona is proud to be embarking on a campaign to find women who help their communities thrive!

In a bid to highlight female entrepreneurs and/or change agents who have a positive impact in their communities, and as part of our focus on The Girl Effect, we are looking to find women who contribute to society by  running a sustainable business and provide key services where they are needed most.

In that spirit, we are very excited to announce that Zoona has partnered with popular Zambian social media blogger, Mwansa Bwale.

Mwansa is the winner of the 2016 Zambian Woman of Year Award for Community Service and together with her, we want to discover and reward female entrepreneurs and/or change agents in Lusaka who are helping their communities thrive!

Each week we will ask Mwansa’s and the Zoona community to nominate these remarkable women, and to share their inspirational stories. One of these women will be chosen to get a ZMK 3000 prize, to be collected from their local Zoona booth.

To enter our competition, follow Zoona and Mwansa Bwale on Facebook, and together let’s help the people who are helping their communities thrive!

**Terms and Conditions**

– Winner must have been nominated via Facebook comment
– Only one winner per week, chosen at the judge’s discretion and is completely subjective.
– No relatives of Mwansa or the competition organisers are eligible to win.
– Nominations close on Wednesday each week for the duration of the campaign
– Women can be nominated multiple times during the month of September.
– Winner must be a female entrepreneur or change agent operating in Lusaka
– Judge’s decision about the winner each week is final

Nominate a woman change-maker in a comment on the post below!